KVJR Hang It Right


KVJR Hang It Right

Great Service! Very Professiona!
Daniel Contreras, Tustin, Ca
11/8/2019 11:37:28 AM
My wife and I needed a few items hung (2 mirrors, 1 painting) so I decided to hire someone to install it professionally. I’m glad I chose KVJR. Very professional! Came to my home hung everything quickly and efficiently. My wife and I both agreed that if we ever need anything else professionally hung we will definitely go with KVJR.
Quality Work
Ernesto Vazquez, Tustin, CA
11/8/2019 11:20:32 AM

They put in the most in quality and care and are the nicest people I have dealt with within this industry. Would highly recommend!

Great Service
Aranda Tooling Inc., Chino, CA
10/17/2019 12:46:21 PM

Great services they know what they are doing. Very friendly will contact them again for future services.

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